Cloud Web Development Platform for .NET

Photoshop to HTML/CSS. Windows Azure. ASP.NET Core ready.

Intelligent PSD to HTML/CSS conversion service

Automaticalloy convert Photoshop PSD to responsive web pages, with different layout methods such as float left, CSS flex or Bootstrap.

  • Advanced AI makes sure you get the best result
  • Automatically responsive
  • Convert structure and/or content
  • Convert to float left CSS, flex CSS or Bootstrap
  • Use some slicing and let PSDConvert do the rest
  • But, no slicing necessary
  • Generates clean HTML and CSS
  • Intelligent engine automatically understands rows and columns
  • Understands Google Fonts, Fontawesome, Icomoon

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For designers

Integrated Photoshop support and automatic CSS generation.

For developers

Integrated IDE with support for Visual Studio solutions. Code in C# and ASP.NET.

For studios

Leap jump into the future with Codemander.

Target audience

Codemander is for professional web developers and designers who need a more streamlined way of implementing responsive Photoshop designs as HTML and CSS, with tools for collaboration and communication.

Web based tool

Codemander is a web based tool which you can access anywhere, anytime.

Workflow improvement

Codemander improves the workflow and task delegation between designer and developer.

Photoshop support

Codemander helps designer and developer to implement pixel perfect, responsive, Retina adapted, Photoshop design instantly. Upload your Photoshop file and see all layers in your browser. Automatic CSS generation from Photoshop.

Visual Studio Support

Codemander has support for Visual Studio solutions, C# and built-in compiling, debugging and publishing in the browser. The developer can continue to work in Visual Studio if needed, while the designer can work in Codemander.

Git Integration

Codemander has Git integration.

Visual Studio Team Services

Codemander is integrated with Visual Studio Online for Visual Studio Team Services. The collaboration platform for every developer. Plan better, code together and ship faster

  • Agile planning
  • Social coding with Git
  • Continuous integration and delivery

Responsive development

Codemander has functionality which helps you to develop responsive websites with ease.

Export HTML and CSS

Finished design can easily be exported and used anywhere.

Collaboration and communication

Codemander has built-in functionality for collaboration and more efficient communication between designers and developers

You can use your own CMS

You can plug in your own CMS made in ASP.NET and C# if needed.

Frameworks of the future

Codemander has support for many different template formats and JS frameworks.

  • C# Razor Views
  • Mustache
  • Handlebars
  • AngularJS
  • ReactJS
  • ...and more

Microsoft Azure

Codemander runs on Microsoft Azure and can be integrated with your own Azure account.

Databases and data modelling

Codemander lets you work with databases and data modelling in an efficient manner.


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